NetrixDigital, an award-winning design agency with a talented team of digital creatives, product designers, developers, and problem solvers, has embarked on an exciting journey of rebranding.

For over six years, NetrixDigital has been assisting both big brands like Cadence Design Systems, Space Needle and successful startups like Life House in building unique design solutions and evoking positive emotions.

” I founded NetrixDigital with my husband to create unique design solutions and evoke positive emotions in people. At our design agency We build relationships and believe that great communication is the key to success.”

Co-founder and Design Director, Olha Uzhykova.

However, the time has come for a change. Noomo, the new avatar of NetrixDigital, is ready to make a more specific focus. Our aim is to concentrate on interactive digital experiences and immersive websites that help brands stand out in a dynamic digital landscape.

The inspiration behind the name “Noomo” lies in its Ukrainian roots, where it is similar to the phrase “Let’s do it!” This signifies the agency’s readiness to embark on a new adventure, embracing fresh challenges with zeal and enthusiasm.

The main elements of Noomo’s new brand identity are pixels and glass. The pixel motif not only represents our expertise in the digital realm but also pays homage to Ukrainian culture. Just as the traditional Ukrainian vyshyvanka is adorned with intricate patterns, the pixel symbolizes Noomo’s dedication to crafting captivating digital experiences.

Glass, on the other hand, symbolizes transparency and uniqueness. At Noomo we believe in maintaining transparency with their clients, ensuring open communication, and offering one-of-a-kind experiences tailored to each brand’s needs.

At Noomo, we pour our love into every project, working diligently on the finest details to create bespoke solutions. To showcase this commitment, each of our team members contributed handwritten words, which have become an integral part of our dynamic logo.

Building our new website, we focused on creating an immersive and highly interactive digital experience while ensuring seamless usability and remarkable speed, even with 3D graphics and animations.

With this rebranding, Noomo is ready to forge ahead into a future of digital creativity and design excellence. Our renewed focus on interactive digital experiences and immersive websites promises to elevate brands and create lasting impressions on their audiences.

As we bid farewell to NetrixDigital and embrace the new identity of Noomo, the agency’s passion for creativity, innovation, and effective communication remains stronger than ever. We are prepared to take our clients on a thrilling journey of digital transformation, inviting them to say “Let’s do it” to new possibilities and boundless creativity.